Sine Wave Filters

Reference Standards
EN 61558-2-20
50 / 60Hz +/-5%
Thermal Index
T155 / F
Ingress Protection
IP20 to IP32
3, 5 & 7% Z
Operating Voltage
380 to 550V
Terminal Blocks
Touch Proof Screwless & Stud type
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Processed
Leads Termination
Top, Side, Front or Custom Designed*
Mount Type
Foot or Custom Designed*
Product Cat #
ML (mm)
MW (mm)
OL (mm)
OW (mm)
H (mm)
Weight Kgs

Custom Designed

Intermittent/ Load specific duty cycle rated transformers can be manufactured on request.
Transformer capacities other than the above can be manufactured with no MOQ constraints.
Options are with & without Protective enclosure, fan, self-cooled, voltage rotary switch, in/out DPM’s, MCB, MCCB, isolator, OVP, caster wheels, skid mount, indication lamp, predefined incoming & outgoing cable length harness kit.
The protective enclosure with electrostatic coated, stainless steel, welded mesh on request.

  • ML – Mounting Length
  • MW – Mounting Width
  • OL – Outer Length
  • OW – Outer Width
  • H – Height.
  • Refer to the above product image to correlate the measurement location

Note :
1. All the dimensions are in mm
2. X, XX, * is for product codification based on standard/ custom designed specification
3. IGES file format/ dimensional drawing can be sent on request
4. The above Transformer is only for illustration and may vary for optimum structural integrity, and specification.