Simply Electrify

About Coilmag

Coilmag was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, by a team of driven and committed electrical engineers with a vision to develop future solutions within electromagnetism. At Coilmag we develop and produce highly efficient and performing solutions for tomorrow’s innovative market. Our values are to always be at the forefront of society with our products, by focusing on Research and Development and adapting to environmental and climate issues.

We envision being a key player in the electrification market. We have therefore a joint venture with one of India’s top industries: Procon. Our deep collaboration with Procon is to ensure high product quality and make sure that we can adapt to our customer’s needs.

Why us?
We have a competitive edge over distinct market players due to:
  • Technically advanced products
  • Deep technical knowledge in the field
  • Customized solutions
  • Quick design iterations in collaboration with the customer
  • Timely deliveries
  • Transparent business policies
  • Environmentally focused 

Our Team

We will help you provide the best solution for your company! 

Rohith Raj, CEO & Founder
Responsible for operations, business development and quality
Tobias Forsén, CCO & Founder
Responsible for strategic corporate development and sales.
Ranjithh Raj, CTO & Founder
Responsible for R&D and system engineering.